Kurt Busch Explains Why He’s Channeling Ricky Bobby

You’re very proud of one — — love the movie and October 20 how do you bring the movie to life. Well wonder is back — the Wonder Bread brand is now going to be back on the shelves and Purdue and an official re launch with the NASCAR program so. NASCAR with all the sponsorship — going on this shows that a company wants to be involved in our sport — your card this departed type here I heard this is your car — gonna — — the Wonder — card elect will Farrell would — loved. And it’s going to be spread like this October — the Talladega cracked yet so from the flat black — — colorful with all the big balloons that hot air balloon is going to be in the infield. And so just a big Wonder Bread weekend and yet isn’t there Ricky Bobby channel in the inner thoughts you know we’ll get down so Carl let’s take a walk over here we got the big balloon tell us the history of the big balloon and racing in Indianapolis. All the way that the owner of Wonder Bread started the company was he was at the fair saw these balloons and — We’ll have to wonder. That’s a wonder and they gave — credit have to that’s — — came from so I didn’t know for ten months this was off the shelf.
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What Ted Cruz and Wendy Davis have in common

Maintaining my college eligibility was far more important to me and I was excited about really getting further into that process in the upcoming season. On his way to a potential Division I commitment and the opportunity to continue his playing career, Metzger injured his groin. I basically tore the groin muscle right off the bone, he recalled. In rehabbing the original injury, through physical therapy, I pushed myself to get back on the ice before I was actually ready to, and ended up coming back too soon and injured myself a second time. Following surgery to repair a sports hernia, in addition to a surgical procedure to repair the groin muscle itself, Metzger ended up taking almost a full calendar year off from the sport that he loved. I had offers to play at the Canadian Junior A level with the Oakville Blades and Burlington Cougars, Metzger said. But after taking a full year off, teams at that level dont want to, or cant afford to, take a chance on an injured player. Theres just isnt room to simply take a flyer on someone. As the process of finding a new team was unfolding, Metzger realized yet another setback: His speed and burst, perhaps his best assets, were not there anymore. After talking it over with his parents and his advisor, and coming to the realization that there was more to life than hockey, Metzger decided to walk away. After the whole year off, I realized that I still wasnt 100 percent, he said. I knew that if I was going to be on the ice, Id want to give my all and I just physically couldnt do it. The best part of my game was gone and so I decided to end my junior career. Metzger decided to take the game he loved and turn it into a profession, by forgoing his final year of junior eligibility and becoming the CEO of Precision Hockey , a player development program that not only trains players on the ice, but also helps them become hockey players with high moral fiber off of it. You always take a little bit of each coach with you, Metzger said.
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André De Shields :: Channeling Louis (as in Armstrong) in ’The Jungle Book’

They found that individuals are aware of the bias in others, but not themselves. To avoid getting caught up in biased thinking that may compromise the validity of your data, document your assumptions about the business issue, watch for patterns and themes, and remain alert for unexpected findings. Step 3: Roll up your sleeves. If you’ve done your work in the first two steps, then you’ve accurately targeted reliable information to meet your business needs and have only data that relates to your business objective. That means it’s time to go through the data and convert it into actionable information you can use to improve business. Here’s where many businesses hit a wall.
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Channeling Data: Using It to Create Powerful Marketing Strategies

This peep into 19th century India is Mary Zimmermans glorious riff on the Disney Animated Film of “The Jungle Book” and the stories of Rudyard Kipling that inspired the 1967 family movie. Its a co-production between Goodman Theatre of Chicago and Huntington Theatre Company and is now playing at the BU Theatre on Huntington Ave. through Oct. 20. The chittering tribe plunks Mowgli down in front of their leader, King Louie, a swinger like them if not more so! (Andre De Shields in a show-stopper performance thats an homage to jazz trumpeter/singer Louis Armstrong while also being an equally brilliant anthropomorphic realization of the intelligent “person of the forest,” the Malay word for orangutan). Andre De Shields The fearsome king is resplendent in a red and gold royal robe (the costumes from Mara Blumenfeld should go to the Smithsonian when the show finally rings down the curtain). He stares down from his considerable height at little Mowgli (acted by Akash Chopra as if this adventure, moment to moment, were the most fun a little boy could possibly have). “I want your red flower!” King Louie imperiously, threateningly demands, convinced that if he has the secret to making fire, he would rule the jungle. Mowgli says forthrightly that he doesnt have the secret.
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Juniors: Channeling his focus

Mark Metzger is the CEO of Precision Hockey, a player development program that not only trains players on the ice, but also helps them become hockey players with high moral fiber off of it.

CHoD organizer Steven Bassett doubted the media-shy Clearwater would talk, but hed check and see. Never heard back, so I blogged on 8/30/13 . Three weeks later, Clearwater posted this comment: The author would be best to check his drama and actually research and contact people about whom he writes, including me. Kismet now I had his email. Queried him back about an interview. His reply: I give reporters one chance to show themselves. If what I see or experience does not meet a certain high threshold of integrity I seek, I have no further interactions with them.
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Channeling the King

After all, it’s their time you’re wasting. It’s their efforts you’re spending dozens of hours blasting. And, at the end of the day, nobody likes a show-off. Doing a bunch of http://null grandstanding is a quick way to lose friends in the famously clubby Senate, and losing friends makes it harder for you to get anything done. There are certainly reasons I’m not thinking of. Still, if they explain why every senator isn’t constantly launching filibusters, it doesn’t explain why more of them aren’t launching filibusters — especially now that Davis, Cruz and Paul have had such success increasing their public profiles by filibustering.
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